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Tulane University distance learning programs are designed for and around working professionals wishing to earn their degree to better their career opportunities. With more than 10 years of experience in delivering high quality graduate level education via distance learning, Tulane University's distance learning programs help mid-career occupational health and safety professionals to attain their career goals through programs designed for several very specific areas:

Occupational Health and Safety Management - MPH
Occupational and Environmental Health - MPH
Disaster Management - MPH
Industrial Hygiene - MSPH
Disaster Management - Certificate
Industrial Hygiene - Certificate

While many distance learning programs feature as "work at your own pace" environment with little to no contact between the student and the professor and between the student and other students, Tulane's program is structured more like a traditional degree program, although the courses are offered after traditional work hours.The live and interactive nature of the courses as well as the small group assignments in parts of the curriculum encourage networking with other professionals and a greater understanding of the diverse career possibilities in the occupational health, environmental health and safety fields.

Most students enter the program and become part of a cohort of students who proceed through the program together. Typical students take two courses (six credits) each semester, including summer for three years. Each course meets one night a week for approximately two to three hours. Students taking two courses meet two nights a week. Some weekend "labs" or small group sessions may be scheduled occasionally. All students must complete a Culminating Experience or culminating experience after completing their coursework through which they demonstrate the application of public health theory to a real world problem or research project.

Motivated and organized students will complete the Culminating Experience project in one semester and others may take longer. All students are highly encouraged to complete the project within 1 year following the completion of course work. All of the school masters programs also have a practicum requirement; this may be waived by mid-career professionals with the appropriate documentation.


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